We have the best of both worlds at CARFAC Maritimes!

We are both regional and national. That means, not only can we, as professional visual artists, get assistance and advice down home and one-on-one, but we also have a formidable organization working on our behalf in Ottawa, and tying the community of visual artists together all across Canada!

Check out our national office – click! Visit often, and keep abreast of all the things that CARFAC is doing for us.

Here are links to other regional affiliates:

Copyright Visual Arts is a subsidiary organization of CARFAC and RAAV. One does not have to be a member of CARFAC to affiliate with Copyright Visual Arts, but there are advantages to being associated with both.

A copyright collective is an organization that administers the rights of copyright owners who assign the rights to the collective. The collective can grant permission to use its affiliates’ works and to negotiate the conditions for those uses. The collective charges fees for the uses, collects the money and pays the affiliates (their members).

For more information about Copyright Visual Arts – a list of its affiliates (members), or to join – see their website.

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