Creative Technical Webinars

CARFAC Maritimes’ 2023 – 2024 “CREATIVE TECHNICAL” webinar series is coming up. Stay tuned… In the meantime, have a look at the webinars offered during the last year. Any suggestions? Let us know here.

These webinars are meant to address concerns, answer questions, educate and instruct; the presenters are professional artists with substantial knowledge, expertise and experience. On top of that, the webinars create an opportunity to get to know other CARFAC Maritimes’ members and network among attendees.

Please note that these webinars are designed for professional visual artists. They are designed as an information service to provide a summary of issues of interest to visual artists. They are not a substitute for professional advice on your specific issue, should that be necessary. Neither the presenters nor CARFAC will assume responsibility for any problems that may arise from errors or omissions in the presentation.

The webinars are free for CARFAC members; $25 for non members.

Tools, tactics, and technology. There are so many ways to promote your art online. How do you create a marketing strategy that’s effective and sustainable long term?
In this presentation, you’ll learn how to assemble a digital marketing toolkit. We’ll discuss the best ways to use social media to grow your audience, stay connected with your best customers, and how to protect yourself and your business online.
Stacey Cornelius is a people-first marketing strategist for creative and progressive businesses. She holds a BFA from NSCAD University and diplomas in information technology and graphic arts. Her professional background includes web design, retail management and consulting, jewelry design, and technical theatre. 
One of Stacey’s superpowers is translating complex concepts into plain language. She’s been teaching workshops on marketing, branding, social media, and technology for over a decade. Based in Nova Scotia, she works with local, national, and international clients.


Meilleures pratiques pour les artistes visuels:
pourquoi pas?

Le webinaire sera présenté le 26 mars, 2023
13h30 à 15h30.
On vous offre ici un webinaire qui va répondre à vos questions! Est-ce que ça vous arrive de vous demander quoi faire ou comment réagir dans certaines circonstances dans votre pratique d’artiste visuel? Puis-je exiger un contrat? Comment traiter avec les galeries, les demandes de don d’oeuvre pour une bonne cause, etc. En d’autres mots, on va parler d’outils essentiels pour l’artiste visuel. Beaucoup de questions, beaucoup de réponses.

Les Meilleures Pratiques vous apportent de nombreux conseils et informations pratiques qui vous sont utiles à tous les jours. Elle sont des normes recommandées pour la pratique professionnelle, des normes industrielles viables, élaborées dans un climat de respect mutuel et d’accord, pour une utilisation pratique. Ce sont des conseils dans des  domaines où il n’existe pas nécessairement de réglementation ou d’accords. Ainsi, on abordera l’importance des contrats, les commandes d’art, les dons etc…

Anna Rail est la directrice générale de CARFAC Maritimes depuis 2017. Elle-même une artiste en batik contemporain, elle a précédemment fait carrière comme gestionnaire dans les domaines des arts et du patrimoine au gouvernement fédéral et maintenant, depuis déjà une quinzaine d’année, elle est “de l’autre côté de la table”! Anna donne régulièrement des présentations relativement aux droits d’auteur, meilleures pratiques et autres à de nombreux artistes dans les provinces maritimes. Elle est  membre de la Galerie 12 à Moncton et de Batik UK.  Elle habite Dieppe. 

Gratuit pour les membres de CARFAC et 25 $ pour les non membres. Vous inscrire ici


Writing It Right: Winning Project Descriptions For Visual Artists.

Paul Édouard Bourque will discuss the fine details of how to think and write an art project description, and how to create successful writing that will effectively get the point across to prospective jurists and decision makers in the art world. You will learn the different methods used to produce clear, precise and informative write-ups that will successfully describe and promote your art project to potential funding agencies and galleries.

The art project description is demanding and difficult for artists. There are several tricks and methods which can make the process easier and less intimidating. These will be discussed in detail during this webinar. On the list will be included:

  • the various dos and don’ts associated with good writing, with examples provided for comparison.
    an in-depth look at how juries and selection committees work will give insight on what to include in a successful project description, with emphasis on how to think and express your artwork in words.
  • there will also be a section on the language and jargon utilized in the art world, and on
  • how to simplify and clarify your writing to better promote your work and ideas to others.
  • also covered will be methods on how to stand out and individualize your artistic ideas within a competitive context.
Artist-Run Centres: spaces of care, subversion and experimentation

This first 2023 webinar is scheduled for February 5th, from 1:30 to 3:30 on ZOOM. Register here.

Involved in the artist-run community for over a decade, Annie France Noël will recount the emergence of artist-run centres in the 60s, their purpose, who they serve and how you can get involved. 

Annie France Noël is a queer Acadian visual artist, photographer and cultural worker. Her practice observes intimate and vulnerable aspects of the human experience through various photographic and interdisciplinary approaches. After taking several photography classes at the Université de Moncton (2007 – 2010), Annie France supported their artistic practice while working as a freelance photographer, server, and eventually as a cultural worker.

Annie France is a dedicated member of the cultural communities she engages with, both at regional and national levels. She notably sits on the Board of Directors of CARFAC National, chairs the Board of Directors of the Aberdeen Cultural Centre (where her studio is located), and is the artistic and administrative director of the artist-run centre Galerie Sans Nom.

Originally from Galaget (Caraquet), she currently lives, mothers, and works as an uninvited guest on the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq Peoples / Moncton NB.

Best Practices for Visual Artists : WHY NOT?
February 19th, 2023 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm (english)
March 26, 2023 (in french)
Free for CARFAC Members; $25 for non members.

Do you ever wonder what to do or how to act in certain circumstances in your visual art practice? Has probably happened more than once, right? Best Practices provide you with many tips and information that are useful to you every day. They are recommended standards for a professional practice, viable industry standards developed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and agreement, for practical use. They are guidance in areas where regulations or agreements may not exist. The importance of contracts, how to deal with galleries, art commissions, donations etc. will be discussed.

Anna Rail is the Executive Director at CARFAC Maritimes since 2017. A contemporary batik artist herself, she previously worked as an arts and heritage director for the federal government and has been “on the other side of the table” for 15 years! Anna regularly gives presentations on copyright, best practices and other matters to numerous artists in the Maritime Provinces. She is a member of Gallery 12 in Moncton and Batik UK.  She lives in Dieppe.

All CARFAC Maritimes webinars are free for CARFAC members; $25 for non members.

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Les Meilleures Pratiques pour les artistes visuel.le.s: POURQUOI PAS?
Le 26 mars, 2023, de 13h30 à 15h30
sur ZOOM
Gratuit pour les membres de CARFAC; 25$ pour les non membres

Vous demandez-vous parfois ce qu’il faut faire ou comment agir dans certaines circonstances dans votre pratique des arts visuels ? Cela vous est probablement arrivé plus d’une fois, n’est-ce pas ? Les meilleures pratiques vous fournissent de nombreux conseils et informations qui vous sont utiles au quotidien. Ce sont des normes recommandées pour une pratique professionnelle, des normes industrielles viables élaborées dans une atmosphère de respect mutuel et d’accord, pour une utilisation pratique. Ce sont des conseils dans des domaines où il n’existe pas forcément de réglementation ou d’accords. L’importance des contrats, la manière de traiter avec les galeries, les commissions d’art, les dons, etc. seront abordés.

Anna Rail est la directrice générale de CARFAC Maritimes depuis 2017. Artiste de batik contemporain elle-même, elle a auparavant travaillé comme directrice des arts et du patrimoine pour le gouvernement fédéral et a été ” de l’autre côté de la table ” pendant 15 ans ! Anna donne régulièrement des présentations sur le droit d’auteur, les meilleures pratiques et d’autres sujets pertinents à de nombreux artistes dans les Provinces maritimes. Elle est membre de la Galerie 12 à Moncton et de Batik UK. Elle vit à Dieppe.

Tous les webinaires de CARFAC Maritimes sont gratuits pour les membres de CARFAC ; 25 $ pour les non-membres.

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